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Get a Bespoke Suit for Your Wedding
When you get married, you want to look your best. Unfortunately, not every man has a nice suit in their wardrobe that can be worn during their wedding day. A nice suit does not have to be uncomfortable or expensive, especially if you know where to look. On Institchu, men can find a large range of bespoke suits for weddings and social events.

Choose from Pre-Designed Wedding Suits
You do not have to be a fashion expert to find the right suit for your wedding day. Institchu employs a number of experienced stylists who created a collection of pre-designed suits. Grooms and groomsmen can easily pick their favourite suit from this collection and have it made according to their size specifications.
The pre-designed suits on Institchu are available in a variety of colours and materials. Whether you are looking for a colourful wedding suit or something a little more traditional, the collection of wedding suits on Institchu certainly has the suit that matches your personality.

Create Your Suit from Scratch
Grooms and groomsmen who want to create their own suit for the wedding can do so by getting their suit on Institchu. Institchu offers a suit customisation tool, where you alter every little detail about a suit. You can adjust the buttons and collar of a shirt, the material of a jacket and more. In short, you can change everything so the suit is perfect for your wedding day.

Count on the Experience of Institchu Stylists
Men can visit one of the showrooms of Institchu to try on their new suit before the big day, but they can also have their suit delivered on their doorstep. However, by visiting one of our showrooms, you can take advantage of the experience of the Institchu stylists and get more familiar with some of our quality shoes and accessories as well! 

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